Power LogOn

MFA – The Key to Network Security

Power Logon NIST 800-171 MFA Compliance

New government regulations require Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Cybersecurity consultants highly recommend MFA. Fortune 500 companies are now imposing MFA on their supplies. MFA is affordable when you understand all your available options.

MFA does not require implementing cumbersome certificates or an expensive PKI infrastructure. Access Smart offers an MFA solution that utilizes the same technology and methods used to secure cyber keys to now secure passwords, at a fraction of the cost, over-head and maintenance found with certificate-based systems. Instead of Rip ‘n’ Replace, you can now add MFA by leveraging your existing security infrastructure.

Passwords are not secured by silly tactics used to generate and remember them. Passwords are secured by using the same methods that secure encryption keys. Access Smart’s Power LogOn® uses the technologies and best practices that secure keys to now secure passwords, at a fraction of the time, cost and management of certificate based systems.

Power LogOn meets a broad set of international and industry-specific compliance standards, including FIPS 140-2, HIPAA, CJIS, NIST 800-63, NIST 800-171, and many others.

Power LogOn is added (like an app) to your existing cybersecurity infrastructure, providing a strong Multi-Factor Authentication and an Enterprise Password Management solution. No back end server modifications are required. It only takes a few hours to implement, has a low cost of ownership, and can be incorporated onto your existing employee badges! With up to 8 levels of assurance, Power LogOn ensures authentication, authorization and non-repudiation when logging onto computers, networks, servers, applications, clouds, and websites.

Watch Access Smart’s video to see how easy it is to protect your business with Power LogOn®. Then contact us to let us bring you the security you want and need, security you can count on.