On time, on budget, and with minimal frustration!

Dreaming of making money with a new e-commerce website or mobile application? Too may business owners fall in the trap of “If you build it, they will come."

The truth is, creating a profitable e-commerce website or mobile application takes thoughtful planning, attention to detail, and continuous involvement in the development process.

The Roadmap to Building an E-Commerce Website or Mobile Application walks you through the key stages, critical questions, and potential pitfalls.

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  • The step most entrepreneurs skip … and how it can doom your project
  • How to minimize your risk and practically guarantee that your customers will fall in love with your site or application
  • Critical problems that only YOU can help your developer avoid
  • What you absolutely cannot change if you have a drop-dead “go live” date
  • Key players that must be on your development team – and why
  • Ways to monetize a mobile application (and why you need to decide this up front)
  • Why some mobile applications may be a terrible choice for your target audience
  • Critical steps that many entrepreneurs forget – that could tank your business
  • 7 Power Questions to brainstorm and plan...and much more!