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NCN Technology, also known as Advanced Business Software Consulting, has been at the forefront of delivering exceptional Enterprise Application Development and Marketing and Advertising services to various government sectors since 2009. As a recognized leader in the field, NCN holds prestigious certifications including SBA Certified WOSB, WBENC, and SWaM in Virginia, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to excellence and diversity.

Our Impactful Projects

United States Secret Service

For over four years, NCN has significantly contributed to the Secret Service’s marketing and advertising initiatives. Our comprehensive approach encompasses project management, strategic planning, extensive reporting, and diverse marketing strategies, significantly impacting recruitment with over 40% of applications attributed to our efforts.

Custom Border Protection (CBP)

In our role as a leading technology consultant and service provider, NCN Technology has been instrumental in enhancing the capabilities of the Custom Border Protection (CBP). We facilitated the evaluation, project management and training for the effective use of Critical Mention, a top-tier media monitoring platform. This strategic implementation empowers CBP to adeptly navigate and harness critical news information from a multitude of media channels globally.

Federal and State Agency Websites

NCN’s prowess in digital architecture is showcased in our work with the US Naval Observatory website and state websites like,, and, all developed using Microsoft SharePoint.

Pioneering Mobile Applications

Department of Child Services Inspection Application


Department of Child Services Inspection Application

Developed for DCS, this iPad-based application revolutionizes evaluation processes, enabling rapid, electronic data submission.

DOT 511 Smartway Application


DOT 511 Smartway Application

A vital tool for real-time traffic and alert information, this application demonstrates NCN’s capability in delivering sophisticated, user-friendly solutions to large-scale government agencies.

Why NCN Technology?

NCN Technology is not just a service provider; we are a partner in innovation. Our dedication to creating customized, impactful solutions for government agencies sets us apart. We understand the unique challenges faced by government entities and respond with agility, expertise, and a deep commitment to quality. Our portfolio of successful projects reflects our ability to transform challenges into opportunities, driving progress and efficiency across government sectors.


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