Our Mission

We strive to inspire imagination and strengthen communication. To do this, NCN Technology provides a conducive environment to facilitate the growth and development of our employees, which in turn lets them utilize advanced technologies to accomplish our clients’ needs.

Our Approach

By ensuring a deep understanding of your requirements, we fulfill your objectives in any project you entrust us with. We commit ourselves to superior standards of customer satisfaction and pride ourselves on our successful software application development.

Our Strengths

Our core strengths at NCN Technology include Responsiveness, Keen Technical Skills and a Business Objective Mindset. Our firm serves as a pioneer in developing goal-oriented applications to fulfill successful outcomes for our clients.


We are a team led by dynamic leadership, providing essential and customized business intelligence solutions. We promote and support a healthy and vibrant team culture within the organization. This is reflected in our

Software Development Consulting Firm

Our experience in working with leading government agencies, non-profit organizations, medium and small enterprises and businesses means we understand the diversified requirements of our clients.

Further to these services, we are an inclusive information technology consultancy firm, which means we also provide resolutions for data integration reporting and dashboards, Mobile application development and other effective
software solutions.

NCN Technology is more than a Software Development Consulting Firm in Reston, VA. We are partners in
helping your business grow and succeed. Whether it is the development of an interactive mobile application, a user-friendly and responsive website, or a quality SharePoint application, we deliver results you will be excited about.


NCN Technology is a leading software consulting firm in Reston, VA which assists emerging and established organizations to strengthen their mobile footprint by developing flexible, secure and interactive applications for businesses and government agencies.

Our business and technical analysts work closely with clients to achieve the desired business goals using an agile development approach. We develop customized applications for quality control/inspections, citizen facing applications/websites and mobile applications for recreation or geo spatial use to fulfill organizational goals and strengthen communities.


As the President of NCN Technology, Ms. Muniz works with clients to define processes, select software to meet objectives and ensure efficient development of the project.

As a consultant, Ms. Muniz has garnered the skills of solving complex business issues for her clients while building solid relationships. She has been hired to evaluate business processes, recommend solutions, manage and implement custom software and SharePoint applications.

Ms. Muniz has been invited to speak at many seminars and conferences to share her knowledge of leveraging technology and the importance of communication to drive company success. Her ability to strategically understand and convey the needs of all parties associated with a project, benefits her clients as they make an investment in technology.

Outside of the office, Sharon is a mom to three adult children. She is an avid runner, enjoys sailing and taking walks on the beach with her dog Chipper. She also likes to relax with a good book!

Sharon Muniz


Sharon Muniz

Software Development Consulting Firm


Why Choose NCN?

  • Goal-oriented application development process
  • Highly-secure mobile application solutions
  • Mobile-first strategy
  • Experienced professional team
  • Agile application development approach
  • High client satisfaction ratio
  • Inspection application development
  • Geo spatial application development
  • Business intelligence solutions

Why work at NCN?