Recruitment and Advertising Campaign Offering

NCN Technology provides a comprehensive solution for delivering efficient and effective recruitment assistance via various advertising and marketing platforms and channels.


Program Management:

A skilled program manager supervises every facet of the project, such as:

  • Supervising a comprehensive marketing and advertising subcontractor.
  • Enhancing and optimizing the recruitment campaign across diverse media outlets (television, radio,print publications, digital advertising platforms, social media), public spaces, educational institutions,and beyond.
  • Planning, executing, and mitigating risks using a wide array of tools.
  • Managing budgets and handling invoices.
  • Generating data-driven reports and dashboards.

Recruitment Event Coordination:

Managing all facets of recruitment events, such as

  • Securing local venues and hotel accommodations.
  • Procuring necessary materials and resources.
  • Handling budget, payments, and invoices.

NCN Technology has four years of proven experience providing advertising and marketing, recruiting, hosting, and media support for a Federal Law enforcement agency.

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