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We’re a leading website and mobile app developer serving commercial enterprises, not-for-profit organizations, and government agencies in Washington, D.C. and Virginia, as well as across the US.

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Customer Case Studies


Computational Physics, Inc.

As a Trusted Subcontractor, NCN Technology Helps Client Shine When Trusted with a Government Contract.

Hiring subcontractors can be a gamble. Make the right choice, and you can expand your scope of work, serve more clients, and increase profits. Choose unwisely, however, and not only can your reputation take a hit, you could end up losing lots of money.

This was the situation Computational Physics, Inc. (CPI) faced. A valued, high-profile client (a U.S. government agency that must remain unidentified) requested CPI’s help to create a new website.

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Wicked Bionic and LATV.com

As a Trusted Subcontractor, NCN Technology Helps Client Deliver When Asked to Provide a Fully Optimized Mobile Website

In today’s world of instantaneous connection and practically unlimited digital access, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t rely on some form of smart device throughout their day-to-day life.

As mobile devices become smarter, faster, and more powerful, the majority of people across the world today are increasingly choosing the ease and convenience of having the digital world at their fingertips.

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NCN Technology Helps Client Encapsulate Life’s Most Defining Moments by Building a Powerful, Dynamic, User-Friendly e-Commerce Platform

What if you could truly capture and memorialize the most defining moments in the life of the people who matter most?

Not just a snapshot in time, but every part of the journey. Every twist and turn, each moment of grit and growth, and all the challenges and triumphs along the way — captured and preserved forever…

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OneDrop Designs

NCN Technology Helps Visionary Entrepreneurs Capitalise on an Unfulfilled Need in a Booming Market by Building a Powerful, Scalable, User-Friendly e-Commerce Platform

A successful vice president of marketing for a mid-sized company in Virginia Beach, Brad harboured a dream. He wanted to launch a side business that would create a strong revenue source for his family – and someday down the road, be his next career.

Brad and his wife, JoLynn, had already created a successful side business as distributors of doTERRA essential oils and related products.

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Meet Now Group LLC

NCN Technology Helps Client Create Revolutionary Dating and Connection Concept to Make Organic Connections More Quickly

These days, whenever people meet a new potential friend, love interest, or business connection for the first time — more often than not, their first interaction happens from behind a screen.

And while the rise of technology has made dating and networking more accessible than ever before, for many people, making organic connections online can be a tricky and often frustrating experience.

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