Four Myths About Why Your Business Doesn’t Need a Mobile App

Sharon Muniz
April 19, 2021
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Four Myths About Why Your Business Doesn’t Need a Mobile App


Many business owners are unwittingly reducing their market slices because they’re letting tech myths hold them back! Do you feel like there’s a gate preventing you from merging how you run your business with the tech resources available for easier growth? One of the big ones is that only certain types of businesses can benefit from operating custom mobile apps. There isn’t a club you have to be invited to join before your business can benefit from having a custom app! Take a look at the common myths that convince business owners that apps aren’t for them!


I Don’t Need an App Because I Don’t Sell Products


Many business owners assume that an app can’t do anything for their businesses because they aren’t in the e-commerce industry. In reality, an app isn’t just a vehicle for real-time sales. Many brands and businesses integrate apps into successful engagement plans. For instance, an app can serve up a call to action for reaching out to your business to take advantage of an offer or opportunity by a deadline. If you have a physical location, coupons and deals served up through an app can boost foot traffic. Even a business that offers exclusively offline services can benefit from an app because apps can deliver helpful tidbits that establish trust and familiarity.


Nobody Will Download My App


Many business owners skip apps because they don’t see the point of being a “little fish” in a big ocean. They wrongly assume that their app will just be ignored. The reality is that people around the world are downloading more than 218 billion apps each year. No, you’re probably not going to get the download numbers of Snapchat and Instagram for your branded app. However, that’s not the goal of your business. An app is designed to help you communicate better within your niche. The bottom line is that you can promote your app within your brand’s correspondences to get downloads from current or likely users.


It’s Too Difficult to Design and Launch an App


You don’t have to run a tech company to benefit from tech! Far too many business owners assume that they can’t figure out how to build their own apps because they don’t work in the tech industry. In reality, this is one of the easiest marketing efforts to outsource to pros. You can quickly get a custom, fully-branded app that operates according to your brand needs designed and launched. If you’re worried about maintaining your app, just put upkeep in the hands of tech pros to ensure that it’s smooth sailing ahead.


You Have to Be a Major Content Creator to Have an App


The last big myth that keeps so many businesses away from apps is that you need to constantly churn out content to make an app worthwhile. Yes, all media companies and “content” producers run big apps stocked with content. However, smaller businesses that aren’t necessarily in the content game can still benefit from the outreach offered by apps without trying to morph into a media company—strategizing to add just the right amount of meaningful, relevant content to your app with a view toward activating push notifications only when necessary allows you to scale app capabilities to your brand’s needs!


Using larger social media platforms and “communal” apps for marketing is great! However, you can get better control over your messaging and delivery by serving it all up on your app. Don’t let common app myths cause your company to miss out on great opportunities for communication! Have any of these myths been holding you back on the app front? Talk to NCN today to learn how easy it can be to get your custom app running


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