NCN Manifesto

You will love working here if you resonate with our NCN Manifesto!

We are committed to growing ourselves and being a team player. We know that what we do every day has a direct impact on our fellow team members and clients.

We respect and support each other. We tell the truth and discuss issues in the open. We encourage self-care, self-love, playfulness, and having fun. We roll up our sleeves and find solutions to challenges. We talk about our ideas and we ask for help. We are BOLD with our imagination and think about UNBOXED ideas. We take real worry-free vacations.

We believe in creating great experiences for our clients while building extraordinary technology that has an impact on our world. We change our minds because we have to shift to progress. We come prepared and follow through on our promises. We rely on processes that make our jobs easier and change things FAST when they don’t work. We make recommendations to improve things. We represent the company by showing up on time and being present. We love to make our clients happy by over delivering and it has to be FUN! We spend our time doing…not talking but doing. We prioritize the client’s needs to respond with a sense of urgency. We get it done, and we get it done, RIGHT!