Shutterfly to SharePoint: A Technological Leap Forward (client: Under NDA)

Sharon Muniz
April 18, 2024
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Shutterfly to SharePoint: A Technological Leap Forward (client: Under NDA)

At NCN Technology, we continually strive to blend innovative technology solutions with essential public services, reinforcing our commitment to service excellence. Are you looking to gain momentum using technology by moving to SharePoint? We are thrilled to share the details of a project that transformed a  client portal. This project not only showcases our technical expertise but also our dedication to supporting national defense mechanisms through advanced technological integrations.

Project Vision

A communication portal, used by top tier military personnel,needed to be updated.  The portal was undergoing a significant transformation aimed at enhancing the user experience, operational efficiency and security. Initially hosted on Shutterfly, the portal required a comprehensive migration and redesign to meet the evolving needs of the users. After meticulous evaluation, Microsoft Office 365 was selected as the ideal platform due to its robust security features, ease of use, and comprehensive functionality.

Technical Enhancements for a Superior User Experience

Understanding the diverse needs of the users, we focused on creating a portal that is accessible across multiple browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. The redesign embraced a responsive framework, ensuring optimal display and interaction across various devices such as tablets, smartphones, and other digital mediums.

To cater to the community aspect, the portal incorporated enhanced features like editable user profiles, email notifications for recent activities, and opt-out options for discussion forums. The shared calendar and discussion boards were equipped with automated reminders and threaded posting views, respectively, enhancing both functionality and user engagement.

A Secure and Streamlined SharePoint Portal

Security is paramount, especially when dealing with national security information. The  portal adhered to rigorous security protocols, ensuring that access is safeguarded yet user-friendly. The architecture leverages SharePoint Office 365’s capabilities to create custom security groups and permissions tailored to the various group needs.

Navigation was thoughtfully redesigned to support mobile-first browsing standards, ensuring that users can easily navigate the site irrespective of the device used. This approach not only aligns with current web design best practices but also improves overall site usability.

Branding and Visual Identity with SharePoint

Consistent branding is crucial for maintaining the identity and professional appearance of a firm.. Our team developed a custom Master Page, incorporating design elements specified by the staff. This ensured a uniform look across all top-level sites and their subordinates, reinforcing the portal’s authority and visual coherence.

Preparing for Tomorrow with Better Document Management

As part of our comprehensive service, we also provided detailed training for the SharePoint Administrators using the Train-the-Trainer approach. This method ensures that administrators are well-equipped to manage the portal’s daily operations efficiently.


Reflecting on the success of the portal redesign, we are proud of how the enhancements implemented  met the client’s needs. This project highlights NCN Technology’s ability to deliver high-quality, secure, and user-centric solutions that boost operational efficiency and foster community within vital sectors that require extensive security. Supporting clients with such critical technological advancements is a true privilege. Contact NCN to learn how you can update your technology.


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