Find Your New Job Using Tiktok Resume

Find Your New Job Using Tiktok Resume


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Article Reference: Pocket-Lint

Tiktok has become the new social media app that everyone is using or at least knows about. Well now you might be able to get a job from the app. “TikTok is testing a way for its users to directly apply to jobs at companies like Target and Chipotle using video resumes.”

“Tiktok Resumes” came about from a hashtag “careertok” and it allows a way for younger generations to create a video resume on the platform“Tiktok Resumes” came about from a hashtag “careertok” and it allows a way for younger generations to create a video resume on the platform, that will be viewed by 30 plus companies and will run through July 31, 2021.

Users will have to create a public video resume on Tiktok while being advised to not give out any personal information, and then send it to the company they are applying for through the app. Many companies taking part in this pilot are looking for entry to mid level employees. 

This new way to apply for jobs is said to be an “extension of Tiktok’s college ambassador program which recruits students to serve as on-campus representatives promoting the social network’s brand.” Resume videos should include standard information, most jobs available through this app will be entry level and require very minimal skillset. However, there will be some video editing, social media, and graphic designer jobs that may expect a little bit more creativity out of the Tiktok video. 

This is a pilot system for now just to test out the success rates of applying for a job via Tiktok. If this deems successful, who knows what the future holds for resumes and applications online. Social media apps are trying new things constantly and always adding updates to fit their demographics. Staying up to date not only keeps you informed, but could land you your next job.

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