How to Overcome Information Overload with Branding

Sharon Muniz
March 1, 2021
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How to Overcome Information Overload with Branding

One of the big concerns among business owners today is how they can make their brands stand out when it’s so flooded with information overload out there. Customers are bombarded with images and messaging both in the virtual world and the real world. For small businesses, it can seem like there’s simply no way to compete! The reality is that following some simple principles for clear, memorable messaging can separate your brand from the clutter.


Use Crisp, Memorable Design


Make your messaging stand apart from the information overload by using memorable design. This can mean a clever logo that evokes immediate thoughts of the product or service you provide. You also want to use consistent design across all brand assets to enhance the “sticking factor” of your brand.


Don’t Make Them Work for the Message


You only have a few seconds to help customers understand what you’re offering before they turn away. Messaging shouldn’t be a puzzle. While there is room for nuanced messaging in some parts of your sales funnel once leads are engaged, your initial messaging and ads need to get right to the point. Yes, that often means engaging in advertising that seems almost too obvious.


Learn How to Tell a Story in a Few Words


This is the real secret to helping your brand identity rise in 2021. Using just a few words, create a big impact that makes people feel connected to your brand. A phrase that encompasses the spirit of your brand can turn “ad copy” into high-impact storytelling if you figure out how to do it right!


Use Faces


Yes, logos and artwork are important for branding purposes. However, many smaller businesses are so caught up in creating professional branding that they end up being too anonymous. Using founder, employee or customer faces in your marketing strategy is a great way to make your brand come across as personal and memorable.


The big takeaway is that you’re not necessarily competing with major brands when you’re a small business. Crafting verbal and visual messaging that gets to the heart of your brand in a quick glance is the only way to stand out in the crowded sea of competitors. Don’t forget that you’re also not necessarily just competing with direct competitors in your market niche when crafting branding messages. You’re also in a battle with the sheer volume of “noise” out there in real life and digital spaces! When your brand stands out based on its crisp and irresistible messaging, you’ve already won the part of the battle that is simply being noticed.


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