iOS and Android are now receiving Grammarly’s Tone Detection Feature

iOS and Android are now receiving Grammarly’s Tone Detection Feature

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Verbal communication can be very difficult sometimes through our mobile devices, but it is something we all do everyday. Grammarly made a voice detection feature back in 2019, that will now be available for mobile devices as well. This voice detection feature will “analyse the tone of the user and provide suggestions for a change so that the message can come across as intended to the readers.” This includes sounding critical, sympathetic, concerned, formal and so on. 


The feature requires a user to put in 150 words before tone detecting, because it needs to see your word choice, punctuation and other stylistic features to properly depict your tone. This feature is available right away once you update your Grammarly app and can be found under Grammarly keyboard settings to make sure it’s turned on, then you will type your message, and tap the G logo to activate the voice detection feature.

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