NCN Builds a Mobile App for Conferences

Sharon Muniz
December 28, 2022
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NCN Builds a Mobile App for Conferences

NCN developed a mobile application conference agenda solution for a commercial client.  The app was developed in iOS, Android and Windows native technology platforms to ensure it was available across all devices. The NCN development team gave the application a cutting edge in the market by adding seamless calendaring functionality and social media APIs. Our User Experience (UX) experts worked closely with the client and end user market research teams to ensure the best user experience possible. Our Product Owner and Project Management team drove the delivery process through an iterative yet structured development lifecycle to ensure that the project came in on time and within budget.

The main objective for creating the mobile conference application was to provide a platform for sharing data during, prior, and after conferences.  By doing so, the application would improve the attendees’ experience at conferences and enable the mobile application management team to quickly and easily update the app with new conference information, such as speakers, changes to agendas and events, etc..

The primary functions of the application are as follows

  • Provide an electronic mobile platform for sharing data during, prior and after conferences.
  • Improve the attendee experience at conferences.
  • Enable mobile application management team to easily update the mobile application with new conference information.
  • Provide a tool for conference attendees to better manage their activities during a conference.
  • Render an unlimited number of attendees

NCN designed and engineered the application so that users could easily change out the icons and splash screens for quick customization of specific conferences.  The application managers needed to be able to send push notifications to attendees about the conferences they downloaded. 

Features that sets this app above others  included

Full functionality online or offline

This is important for many mobile applications because if you don’t have access to the internet, the relative data for a user needs to be accessible on the device.

Integration with Twitter

This social sharing functionality was important for users to share information about the conference they were attending and the speakers they were interested in hearing.

Ability for users  to create and manage the conference schedule

This calendering feature makes it easy for the attendees to customize their agenda to fit their needs and get the most out of each conference.

Easy replacement of the splash screen  

This feature was key in allowing the client to customize the application for different eventsand conferences.

Availability of extended conference information

Speaker details could be easily uploaded by the administrator and organized so the attendees could view additional  information about the conference and shared content before, during or after the event.

The end result of this development process was a highly functioning mobile application available in iOS, Android and Windows and is easily managed by the product administrator while providing valuable conference information and scheduling capabilities to conference attendees.

If you are interested in building an enterprise application that is easily managed and provides end users with relative data, calendar management, and push notifications, contact NCN Technology today for a discovery call.


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