Seven Facts about Microsoft SharePoint?

Sharon Muniz
April 4, 2022
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Seven Facts about Microsoft SharePoint?

Seven Facts about Microsoft SharePoint?

SharePoint is a very customizable platform, and how it is utilized varies greatly amongst organizations.

This flexibility is beneficial to users, but it may be perplexing to newbies and those contemplating SharePoint adoption.

We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions regarding SharePoint and its many versions so you can figure out if it’s good for your company.

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is the most widely used web-based collaboration and document management technology in the world. It is mostly used to store papers and exchange information across businesses, despite its flexibility.

Users can construct an intranet that functions similarly to a website. Sub-sites for individual departments or teams can be developed. Users may view, share, and modify documents through this safe and centralised location.

7 Facts about SharePoint

A plethora of myths and biases plagues SharePoint. Some of them have been loyal to Microsoft’s collaboration platform since its inception. To help you understand the issue, we’ve compiled a list of 10 facts that everyone working with SharePoint or considering doing so should be aware of.

SharePoint is a user-friendly platform.

We imply that you should not undervalue SharePoint’s functionality as a comprehensive platform. Yes, it won’t be the same as the previous platform you were using, but if you prepare properly, SharePoint may function well. It’s a strong tool to manage, and it’d be difficult to improve it.

SharePoint developers should be trained.

Because using the SharePoint platform necessitates a certain skill set and a lot of experience, ensure the developers who are in charge of managing and operating SharePoint are well-versed in it. Before going out in the field, it’s critical to grasp how to use SharePoint. When a developer’s input is beneficial, the platform’s misuse might be detrimental.

Constant work and configuration

The more you learn about SharePoint and improve it, the better it will be for your company’s alignment. Make sure you continue to work on and alter your SharePoint search setup. Create managed properties, add result sources, and types using various techniques. You may also create display templates for your users, which is a good bonus.

OneDrive concept

OneDrive is a file-hosting service that allows users to sync files and then share them across various devices. It’s critical to grasp the fundamental differences between the functionality of OneDrive for Personal and OneDrive for Business, which is utilizedin the business world and has larger memory storage space. This straightforward principle must be effectively disseminated throughout the firm using OneDrive.

Document collaboration

Whether on-premises or online, the SharePoint platform makes it extremely simple to view and collaborate on documents. This performs admirably and is quite useful. In order to offer real-time productivity, co-authoring papers or multiple document versions is becoming increasingly popular in global enterprises.

Mobile Accessibility

To make the SharePoint platform mobile-friendly, you’ll need to create a master page and CSS for it. We find browsing apps from our different mobile devices to be straightforward and engaging; SharePoint undoubtedly gives this capability. However, you must work effectively on its mobile site in order to claim perfection in its operation.

Relationship with SharePoint

When you join forces with a new platform to improve your business, you must work hard to get the desired outcomes. You may curse SharePoint in front of your screen for being such a large platform, and you may appreciate SharePoint for providing you with many tools to develop business blocks at other times.


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