SharePoint Expertise That Meets the Client’s Need

Sharon Muniz
October 10, 2020
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SharePoint Expertise That Meets the Client’s Need

This is the result we want, how we want it, and when we want it.

Adams Communication & Engineering Technology, Inc. (ACET), is a government contractor that relies heavily on the Microsoft SharePoint system to help run its business. Between long overdue upgrades, internal knowledge gaps and budget constraints, ACET required a unique combination of expertise, adaptability and efficiency to support its IT team in managing the SharePoint system. ACET turned to NCN Technology (NCN) to become a scaled, pivotal resource for their SharePoint needs.


ACET specializes in aircraft related projects, focusing on sensors and other functionalities within the aircraft. Although they have provided expert services throughout the US Government, their clients tend to be part of the Department of Defense, and much of their work is confidential. ACET services range from development to systems management, training, and logistics. As a successful contractor, ACET requires a secure collaboration and document management system with sophisticated capabilities to meet client needs.

In 2013, ACET began development in SharePoint 2010 for what in 2020 consists of five site collections serving the company: business development, external project management, corporate library, internal project management, and systems administration. To develop and maintain the system, train users, and conduct other activities specifically related to SharePoint, ACET hired a full-time employee trained in SharePoint. By 2019, several things became clear. First, they needed to upgrade and transition to SharePoint Online. Second, they needed to find an alternative to their full time systems manager due to both waning expertise and a need that was proving to be less than full-time.

Seeking SharePoint Expertise

ACET wanted a high-level SharePoint expert with developer capabilities and a cross-specialty in Microsoft 365. They were looking for someone who could help with the final transition to SharePoint Online, sustain and enhance ACET’s existing environment, provide support and training on the many solutions available through SharePoint, and advise on techniques and tactics to improve ACET’s utilization of the system. One particular challenge was managing user access to job-related functions as needs change across the platform. Given the projects performed by ACET, it is imperative that access privileges be limited appropriate to the employee’s or contractor’s role.. ACET sought a forward-looking company who could provide a point of contact with both high-level expertise and excellent communication and collaboration skills.

Positive reviews of NCN Technology

ACET investigated its options, and they found consistently high reviews for NCN. When interviewing NCN, ACET identified their criteria, and worked with NCN to determine how best to meet them. After assessing ACET’s infrastructure, integration and budget, NCN set up a two-person team. For a fixed monthly retainer, in addition to a dedicated client relationship manager, one of NCN’s experts in SharePoint and Microsoft 365 furnishes 20 hours of services monthly as needed. As a high-level IT consultant and SharePoint developer, the NCN consultant has been able to provide a range of services and advice. He has been instrumental in problem solving, providing maintenance and support, and improving the systems by being proactive and solution oriented. He is available to help in all aspects of SharePoint while looking ahead to scale and long-term needs. Using a task management system, NCN and ACET maximize the value of the allocated time, and budget their larger projects according to availability within the retainer parameters.

According to John Haller, the Vice President of Quality and Compliance, NCN has been a perfect fit for ACET’s needs: “This has worked out great for us. We’re getting work done. We’re not spending a ton of money, and we are getting value for every hour we spend with NCN.” NCN has made ACET’s commitment to SharePoint a productive reality.


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