Tennessee Department of Transportation

Sharon Muniz
January 23, 2024
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Tennessee Department of Transportation

Client Overview and Challenge

Tennessee Department of Transportation wanted to alert travelers of road conditions that could affect their trips. The information needed to be real time and accessed on smartphone technology. TDOT needed an app that was within their budget guidelines but most importantly user friendly.  As the first State to develop an app to give travelers access to alerts, traffic cameras and the ability to customize, TDOT was looking to improve communication for motorist across the state.

NCN Technology Approach and Solution

NCN built a mobile app that met the outlined requirements of TDOT so motorists could avoid traffic trouble spots and delays, saving citizens both time and money. Named SmartWay Mobile App, motorists can customize alerts for routes they frequently travel. The mobile application idea evolved from the mobile TDOT website that gave motorists real time views of traffic from cameras throughout the state. NCN worked to create the functionality that TDOT identified motorists would need while traveling and built an app that is available via download for IOS and Android devices.

The challenge was to develop an app that would be utilized by motorists in Tennessee giving them the information needed, when needed, on the go. By providing all travel road information via requested push notifications, motorists could turn to the SmartWay Mobile App instead of using other apps that only provide a portion of the road information for safe travels.

Key Features and Benefits

The SmartWay Mobile App helps motorists avoid trouble spots on Tennessee highways. Motorists can monitor traffic speeds, save traffic camera favorites and receive alerts on incidents along regular travel routes. Over 100,000 downloads, to date, have Tennessee motorists finding the best routes possible with these features:

  • Visibility of traffic speeds on Tennessee highways Customized alerts by county and frequently traveled routes
  • View traffic congestion in Knoxville, Nashville, Chattanooga and Memphis by setting camera favorites
  • Notification of traffic incidents and construction locations
  • Ability to read text displayed on overhead message boards
  • Real-time ability to check road conditions.

Technology Used

Compatible with IOS and Android.
(developed in original SDK)


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