Apple Helps to Prevent Fraud on App Store

Sharon Muniz
May 14, 2021
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Apple Helps to Prevent Fraud on App Store

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Many app developers, marketers, and users are all concerned about fraud going on within the app store. Apple has come up with a system in combating this issue. A blog that Apple released mentioned “they prevented $1.5 billion in fraudulent transactions last year by combining its technologies and human expertise.” 

During 2020 Apple assisted 180,000 developers to get their app up and running. Many went down for violating terms, conditions, money, and information theft. This aggressive system reduces spam and security issues and hacks, making developers more confident and their users more confident. 

“Bait and switch apps tend to get removed immediately.” Last year Apple removed over 90,000 apps for this exact reason. The banning has not stopped there. Many accounts go banned for stealing credit card information, as well as hacking third party accounts such as social media. All of these things are a huge security risk. Setting up new security and new terms and conditions to be followed has helped Apple to weed through the spam and help developers whose app is legitimate and safe to use.

These new terms and conditions include developers having to verify their information and the types of information they will be collecting from users. This lets the user know immediately what information will be exposed to the app they download. Apple has also made an option to report activity on a fraudulent app. This combination will help to keep security in the Apple app store top notch.


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