Are You Building a Customer Profile Yet?

Sharon Muniz
February 19, 2021
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Are You Building a Customer Profile Yet?


Do you have a customer profile for 2021? A customer profile is one of the best techniques for effectively refining your messaging. Many brands simply create content, landing pages and click funnels without necessarily knowing who they are selling to. This is where a customer profile comes in!


What Is a Customer Profile?


A customer profile is simply a description of your core “customer” based on things like demographics, location, salary, buying habits, education level, job title, credit score, payment preferences and purchase history. You can zoom in as closely as you’d like when creating a very tight, specific profile to ultimately spend less on marketing for a bigger impact. The overall goal is to have a “persona” created for the person who is likely to make a purchase from you.


How Do You Use It?


Once your profile is built, you can build up marketing efforts to attract your customer “persona” to your brand. However, these aren’t just for external marketing. You can also tweak user experience and special offers to meet the preferences of your customer profile to create a better, more personalized experience for your existing customers as they interact with your brand.


How Do You Build It?


There are many ways to build a customer profile. If you don’t have an in-house marketing team with the capabilities to crunch the data, hiring an outside firm specializing in this is an option. Generally, you’ll use a mix of internal and broad data to build a persona. Here are some resources to pool data from when building one:


  • View the touchpoints in the “customer journey” for customers who do business with you.
  • Use the information you have gathered through customer interactions.
  • Use customer surveys and feedback.
  • Use geographical information.



While this is a simplistic list, the process of building a customer profile is very intricate. You will likely want to pull from thousands of data points to create this profile. What’s more, the profile should be updated regularly to ensure that your company adjusts to customer needs as they change.


Don’t Forget About Segmentation


It’s not necessary to build a single customer profile. If you serve different types of customers, you may want to focus on segmentation to create specific profiles for specific services. For instance, a restaurant that does both in-house dining and catering may use segmentation to create different profiles for both services.

This will allow you to use ultra-specific details to get an idea of what you’re customers are looking for based on what they use your business for!


Final Thoughts on the Importance of This


Ultimately, a customer profile puts you in the position of “reading the mind” of your customers by being able to redefine their experience with your brand based on predictive criteria gathered from data. The underlying goal is to allow your customers to do less work to get what they need from you. If you’re looking to grow closer with customers in 2021, this is a solution to have on your checklist.


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