Five Reasons to Use Microsoft SharePoint for Business

Sharon Muniz
October 18, 2021
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Five Reasons to Use Microsoft SharePoint for Business

SharePoint is Microsoft’s enterprise content management system that integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Azure. SharePoint offers a number of features to make your business more efficient, secure, and collaborative. It’s easy-to-use and employees will already be familiar with how to navigate through features, menus, etc., which means less time training new team members on your system. Microsoft Sharepoint also offers templates so you can create pages quickly without having to design them from scratch every time (which takes away valuable time!)

SharePoint can help improve communication within teams by allowing users to share files across devices using Microsoft OneDrive or allow external collaborators access for specific projects using Microsoft Azure Active Directory. You can assign tasks directly in Microsoft Outlook or make notes about collaboration right inside email messages! Additionally, Microsoft Project integration makes it easier than ever

Microsoft SharePoint provides businesses with a central location for all of their files. With Microsoft SharePoint, users can manage content in document libraries, share documents and folders easily with co-workers, work on multiple versions of the same file simultaneously to avoid conflicts when updating documents, track changes made by others when they edit shared files using Microsoft Office 365 or Microsoft Azure, create sites that contain information about products or services your business offers so customers can access this information easily from anywhere in the world, and more.


In this blog post we will explore five reasons why you should use SharePoint for your company needs.


1) SharePoint Provides a Unified Platform for Collaboration: If you have employees or contractors working on projects together, then they need a way to work collaboratively without emailing each other constantly or meeting up in person all the time. Microsoft Sharepoint allows users to share documents and collaborate on them by adding comments and feedback directly onto the document itself! This saves time and money as well as ensures everyone has access to the latest information at all times and prevents having lost documents all over the place.

Sharepoint also allows for mobile access, so your employees can use SharePoint on their phones when they are out of the office or when working remotely!


2) Microsoft Sharepoint Provides a Unified Search: Microsoft SharePoint provides an easily accessible search engine that can be navigated by your employees and used to find any file or folder on the network. This makes it easier for business professionals to quickly access files rather than having them buried in their email inboxes!

The Microsoft Office 365 platform also allows you to add Microsoft office features such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint directly into Microsoft sharepoint online which gives you better integration with all of your other devices and apps.

Don’t forget about security when using Sharepoint either – documents stored within Share point are fully encrypted at rest and in transit so there is no concern of data loss during storage or transmission users!


3) Microsoft Sharepoint Provides a Unified Way to Manage Microsoft Services: Microsoft SharePoint provides an easy way for employees and contractors alike to access Microsoft services such as OneDrive, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Azure. All of these services can be accessed through one simple login system which ensures that data is not fragmented across different platforms or systems!

Microsoft Sharepoint integrates with Office 365 allowing users to add office apps directly into Microsoft’s enterprise content management platform. This gives you better integration between all your devices and software programs in the long run by making it easier on business professionals when accessing their files and folders from any device! Integration with Office 365 is always a plus for companies since users are familiar with those interfaces, and it makes for easier and faster navigation and learning when using SharePoint.


4) Microsoft Sharepoint is Secure: Microsoft SharePoint provides several security features that ensure your data and documents are safe from internal and external threats. Microsoft Azure boasts an ISO 27001 certification which means you can be confident in the safety of Microsoft’s cloud technology as well as protection against any malicious attacks or breaches!

Microsoft Office 365 also comes with a built-in anti-virus software program called Microsoft Antivirus for Mac, Windows & Android (MAVA) which helps protect business professionals from viruses on their smartphones and devices when they access Microsoft services such as One Drive online storage. This ensures all workers have a secure way to store their files without fear of losing them due to malware or other virus concerns!


5) Microsoft Sharepoint is Flexible: Microsoft SharePoint offers a lot of flexibility in its design and user interface which ensures that your business professionals can easily access their files and folders no matter where they are. Microsoft’s enterprise content management platform also allows users to customize Microsoft SharePoint online with themes, navigation bars, images and other customizable features!

These customizable features of SharePoint also allow your business professionals to personalize Microsoft Sharepoint according to their own tastes and preferences which means that they are more likely to use Microsoft’s enterprise content management platform because it is convenient for them!


In conclusion, Microsoft Sharepoint provides a lot of benefits for businesses and employees alike. Microsoft SharePoint offers easy access through Microsoft Azure search engine which makes it easier to find files and folders on the network as well as more seamless integration with other Microsoft services such as OneDrive online storage and Microsoft Exchange email .

SharePoint is also secure against any malicious attacks or breaches due to its use of Microsoft Office anti-virus software program called MAVA which protects your business professionals from viruses when they are working remotely!

Lastly, Microsoft Sharepoint has a flexible design that allows users to customize their experience according to their own preferences so they can improve user engagement in the long run!

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