How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Mobile Application?

Sharon Muniz
July 20, 2022
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How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Mobile Application?

How much does it cost to maintain a mobile app?

We all have an idea of ​​how much mobile app development costs. But as a leading business that experiences regular ups and downs, have you ever considered the cost of maintaining a mobile app?

When a company approaches a mobile app development company for software design and development work, they think their development is all they need. But implementing the mobile app in the market and maintaining it is another real task that you have to consider. Maybe you want to add a currently trending feature or remove one that doesn’t add any value to your mobile app.

It’s great that you’ve built a successful mobile app with the help of IT consulting, but also have to maintain it. And since you’ll need outside help or an in-house team, you’ll incur an additional cost. Don’t be that company that isn’t maintaining your app, as it can be one of the main reasons behind an app failure.

Fact – More than 80% of users leave the app within 90 days of installing app. The main reasons include improper application maintenance.

Why is Application Maintenance Important?

The term “mobile app maintenance” can refer to a variety of things. For example, you could wish to upgrade current features/services to make them more user-friendly, or you might want to introduce a new feature to enhance your user interface. The release of a new operating system, design revisions, emergency maintenance, preventative maintenance (to remove bugs and malfunctions), and corrective maintenance are some of the causes for this (fixing bugs and defects in the daily functions of the application, including design, coding, and application logic errors). As a result, it is irrelevant.

It is the technological era, and everyone wants to improve their situation by using the services of any mobile service provider. According to the current study, seven billion individuals worldwide use mobile services. It’s because of the services that mobile phone providers give all around the world. This year, there have been 205 billion app downloads. The total number of downloads in the past was estimated to be 178 billion. It was anticipated as 248 billion for the future, “based on the growing rate of app downloads.” If you want to learn all there is to know about applications, check out our exhaustive article on how much it costs to build an app.

Factors to Consider When Calculating Mobile Application Maintenance

There are various elements to consider when determining the cost of mobile app maintenance before deciding on an Android app development business to handle your app maintenance. Some of these features might significantly influence your app’s development costs. According to our expertise as a top mobile app development business, average app maintenance charges are between 15-20% of the entire app creation cost. These are the most important elements to examine since they correctly estimate the cost of maintaining your mobile app.

Development and Maintenance Team

The cost of app creation and the cost of app maintenance varies greatly throughout the world. The United States is the most expensive of all, with greater rates projected in certain European nations as well. However, reduced pricing may be found in Asian countries such as Asia, where developers from countries such as India are outperforming others.

Software Complication

With each additional screen and function, the maintenance of your mobile app will get more difficult. That’s why the app development technology you choose is so important. If you have two distinct native applications for Android and iOS, for example, your maintenance costs will undoubtedly be greater than if you use a cross-platform solution such as React Native or Flutter.

Third-party integration is another source of software difficulty. For a better user experience, every mobile app nowadays requires third-party integration, and if your app is also connected to other services such as accounting systems, social networks, or payment platforms, it implies higher maintenance expenses.

Application Design

You should first engage professional software designers from one of the best mobile app development businesses if you want to keep your maintenance costs as low as feasible. If your app’s design isn’t up to par, it will cost you extra to maintain in the long term. Experienced developers can manage large amounts of code and design with ease, allowing you to progress your product/service step by step.


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