NCN Technology Builds a Recruiting Website

Sharon Muniz
November 27, 2022
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NCN Technology Builds a Recruiting Website

NCN Technology Partners With AHA! Recruiting Experts to Make Dream Jobs Real!

NCN Technology was selected to help AHA! Recruiting Experts fortify their digital presence to gain more market ground in the competitive world of job recruiting. This was a satisfying project because we knew we weren’t just helping a great medium-sized business expand its potential for outreach and growth. Helping AHA! Recruiting Experts to create a better website would ultimately make us partners in helping countless small to medium-sized businesses find their “dream team.” That’s what we call our dream job here at the NCN offices.

AHA! Recruiting Experts is a Leader!

AHA! Recruiting Experts is a leader in talent attraction and retention. The company has perfected a streamlined process for curating candidate profiles that allow employers to narrowly define their searchers to build a valuable talent pool of candidates. Unlike most recruiting firms that merely funnel resumes to their clients, AHA! Recruiting Experts nurture the employer-candidate relationship through the interviewing process. AHA! Recruiting Experts also help employers onboard their new hires.

While AHA!  Recruiting Experts has developed an airtight system for helping employees match with ideal job candidates, the company’s website wasn’t equipped with all of the functions and features to create an airtight user experience. In order to optimize every moment spent on the AHA! Recruiting Experts website by both employers and job seekers, the AHA! Recruiting Expterts leadership team met with NCN to see if updates could be made for better performance. 

Making a Good Thing Better

We knew right away that our team could make a good thing even better by building on the strong positioning of AHA! Recruiting Experts to create an all-in-one portal for career searchers. Like all partnerships with clients, we take on the process with AHA! Recruiting Experts included the following steps:

  • A consultation to review the company’s current pain points, future goals, roadblocks, budget, scope, and more.
  • Analysis of the existing website as it stood on the day we were brought on. During the analysis, the NCN team identifies issues and risks. A plan for addressing issues, adding innovations, and improving website performance is then created for the client.
  • A design process to begin bringing the updates to life.
  • A development process for incorporating WordPress development, website design, security, user features, administrative features, and more.
  • Research and testing.
  • Installation and activation of the final product. This involves a close collaboration between NCN and the client to ensure that downtime and disruptions are as minimal as possible.
  • Maintenance of software and systems. NCN creates a custom management plan with each client to ensure that all features and functions of a website are properly maintained. This package can include debugging, security updates, tech support when pages go down, and more.

Website Development Goals

AHA! Recruiting Experts wanted its website updates to be dynamic, intuitive for users, reliable, and fast to load. After creating a dedicated plan for making a dream to use both on the employer and job-hunting ends, NCN got to work on initiating changes that could boost the recruiting platform’s profile. In addition to enhancing usability, the NCN team was also focused on the following:

  • Increasing Google page rankings.
  • Increasing leads to getting more user registrations from every visit.
  • Increasing return visits/brand loyalty.
  • Increasing security.

While all of the front-facing changes to the AHA! Recruiting Experts’ website made a big impact as far as website-user satisfaction; there was also another benefit to the upgrade. The in-house marketing and digital teams are responsible for maintaining and updating the AHA! Recruiting Experts’ website now have more tools than ever before for doing their jobs better. Moreover, maintaining the website to meet all compliance requirements and standards by federal and international agencies was now easier because the team had clear reminders and access points regarding needed updates.

Mission Accomplished

In the end, we were able to help AHA! Recruiting Experts to build a more agile website with a smooth interface for all front-facing users supported by a properly maintained, fully compliant infrastructure. The same level of detail that we were able to bring to AHA! Recruiting Experts’ updated website is available for all small, medium-sized, and large companies. Here’s what to expect from the typical “NCN treatment” when it comes to boosting tech features and functionality:

  • WordPress core updates: We are full-service WordPress development providers! We’ll go behind the curtain to ensure optimal functionality and performance. Code that has been neglected can be cleaned up to meet all current standards.
  • Plug-in and theme updates: We undo digital decay by monitoring and updating all plug-in and theme updates for enhanced performance and security.
  • Updates and security patches: We verify that all security patches are being reviewed before being pushed through to ensure a website can continue to operate without being banned or blocked from search engines and browsers.
  • Database cleanup and optimization: NCN combats clunky databases daily. It’s one of our specialties.
  • Apache Web server updates: Most small businesses aren’t making Apache Web server updates regularly. NCN gets backlogs clean.
  • MySQL database updates: Our developers are the best of the best when it comes to navigating the MySQL open-source relational database management system.
  • PHP updates: For WordPress users, PHP updates are critical for ensuring that pages display. Ongoing updates being pushed out by WordPress mean that many businesses are in jeopardy of losing control of their websites if nobody is making PHP updates matching the latest WordPress versions.
  • Application and server monitoring: 24/7 monitoring by NCN ensures that small businesses are alerted to every potential risk, breach, or broken page. In addition to detecting problems, the NCN team will deploy the patches, code changes, or security interventions needed to get everything back up again.
  • Debugging: NCN diagnostic tools detect bugs, viruses, and weak points, putting the performance and security of any website in jeopardy. Many of our clients are shocked to discover just how vulnerable their websites were before bringing in a team to perform bug detection.
  • Optimization and performance monitoring: Just “fixing” a website isn’t enough. NCN always strives to optimize websites for our clients to make them more competitive with large companies. We’re capable of creating responsive, fast-loading websites with data optimization.
  • Enhanced features: NNC takes pride in introducing our clients to integrated, AI-driven features that support their operations. New features can deal with payment methods, video streaming, and much more.


The NCN team was proud and privileged to add AHA! Recruiting Experts to our long list of satisfied clients. Does your website need an upgrade? Explore elements of function, design, and security with the NCN team during your consultation!


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