NCN Technology Helps Client Encapsulate Life’s Most Defining Moments by Building a Powerful, Dynamic, User-Friendly e-Commerce Platform

NCN Technology Helps Client Encapsulate Life’s Most Defining Moments by Building a Powerful, Dynamic, User-Friendly e-Commerce Platform



Meet Mylestones


What if you could truly capture and memorialize the most defining moments in the life of the people who matter most? 


Not just a snapshot in time, but every part of the journey. Every twist and turn, each moment of grit and growth, and all the challenges and triumphs along the way — captured and preserved forever… 




This is the underlying concept behind Keren Peters Atkinson’s dream for Mylestones. She envisioned an online design and publishing platform where a community could come together to elevate and celebrate the BIG moments in the life of a person in their inner circle.


Her solution would allow groups of individuals to create a heartfelt Mylestones Message Book filled with personal, individual messages, images and mementos — a method for a group to collectively say to a loved one, “We see you. We care. You matter. You belong.” 


Because though a picture may paint a thousand words, no picture speaks as clearly or impactfully as the words of love, support and pride from the people who matter. 


Unlike typical photobooks, Mylestones books focus on bringing meaningful messages, images and videos together for a gift that can be revisited and cherished again and again — whether in print, video or online. 


The website Keren dreamed of was complex. It needed to be user-friendly, secure, capable of supporting collaboration and co-creation through active text and video, with a crowdfunding feature to simplify the payment process for books created by multiple contributors.


To bring her vision to life, Keren began searching for a strong technology partner that could be flexible, responsive and deliver an advanced e-commerce site on time and within a reasonable budget. 


NCN started by guiding Keren through the process of transforming her vision into an executable, phased plan focused on two major objectives — the development of a Print Book site and Video Book site. Then work began. NCN handled all planning, designing, developing, content and image integration, documentation, project management and testing for the new site. 


Using its signature development approach, which breaks tasks into development cycles that include short, 3-week iterations called “sprints,” NCN ensured that every phase of development was completed on time, on budget and in line with the client’s overall vision for the site. 


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