What is a Product Owner and What Do They Do?

Sharon Muniz
May 10, 2022
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What is a Product Owner and What Do They Do?

There are four key elements that determine the success of web or mobile development: expertise, communication, developers, and an in-depth understanding of responsibilities. Within this process, a product owner is at the center.

Here, we will determine who is a product owner and what are the roles and responsibilities they play in the mobile or web development cycle. Let’s begin!

What Is a Product Owner?

A product owner is an individual who understands the product, believes in it, and drives others. Product owners know what the software will do, what problems it will address, and the ideal customers for the product.

Most times, people confuse product owners with project managers, who focus on the technical aspects of the development process and bridge the gap between the customer and market success. But product owners or website owners have more of a business perspective on the software. They also have a wider view, which encompasses product vision, budget, monetization strategy, roadmap, and business plan.

A mobile app owner manages the product development cycle and assists the software engineering team while ensuring clients’ requirements drive the product. Besides that, a product owner is a leader who:

  • Understands the results that need to be achieved
  • Sees the direction for building the enterprise application
  • Encourages the team with enthusiasm, belief, and drive

At the same time, a website or app owner can take several roles in the enterprise application development cycle, including market analysts, product designers, customer liaisons, business strategists, and even project managers.

By doing all this, a product owner connects stakeholders, developers, and customers and plays a vital role in determining a product’s success.

What Do Product Owners Do?

A product owner leads in nearly every step of the product development cycle. This means working closely with the development team and ensuring all requirements for the software enterprise application get defined and executed on time. Below are other key roles and responsibilities of a product owner.

Defining a Product Vision

Product owners with high-level perspectives often collaborate with the product development team to define goals and establish a vision for development projects. They communicate with all the stakeholders, including the development team, business managers, and customers, to ensure the product goals and vision can help meet the business objectives.

The product manager ensures that all individuals are on the same page. As a result, the project can go as smoothly as possible. They create a product roadmap, which is a plan that outlines the product vision and direction.

Product Backlog

Product owners need to define the product backlog based on customer requirements. They are responsible for updating the product backlog list and prioritizing it based on the urgency and criticality of the requirements. They also need to charter out the proper sequence of product development.

Communicating Customer Vision

Product owners need to have an in-depth understanding of customer goals and objectives and communicate it with all the stakeholders involved in the development process.

Effective Interpretation of Customer Requirements

Product owners act as the primary point of contact for interpreting product requirements and expectations of customers. It’s crucial to translate customer requirements into a technical language that the project team can understand and interpret hassle-free.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, a product owner plays an important role in helping an enterprise bring its product to the market successfully. They maximize the product value in line with the product vision of customers by prioritizing the right work at the right time and ensuring everyone is on the right page.


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