Yes, You Should Add Video to Your Mobile App

Sharon Muniz
August 9, 2021
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Yes, You Should Add Video to Your Mobile App


A snappy, sharp video presentation can be the perfect “welcome message” for your mobile app. Every app has its own learning curve. Some apps never get touched again after download because users don’t have time to get the hang of a learning curve. That’s where video shines.


How to Use Video in a Mobile App


A concise and lively “video explainer” can convey key details about your mobile app much better than text-based explanations. This is a “demo” that users can view passively before reenacting what they see to get started with your app. There are some things to keep in mind when developing intro videos for mobile apps. The first is that you have just 8 seconds to capture your audience! After that, you have about 60 seconds to say everything you need to say before attention spans begin to wane.


In addition to being an excellent resource for “new user” orientation, video can also be used strategically throughout your mobile app when you want to share important information or announce new features. If your app has a “premium members” area, you can consider creating exclusive video content available only to paying users as an incentive for upgrading.


How Do You Create Video Content for a Mobile App?


Keep in mind that the content you’re creating for a mobile app won’t necessarily follow the same rules for videos you create for YouTube or digital ads. In-app videos need to be full of useful, fast visuals. Try to use as many pieces of text and icons as possible to create a visual roadmap that is helped along by easily identified “signals.” An in-app video that is helping users to get started shouldn’t just be a video of a person saying the instructions. Here are some excellent elements to add to an instructional introductory video in your app:


  • A friendly “guide” that can be a live person or animation!
  • LOTS of arrows!
  • Snapshots of the “buttons” and “fields” within the app that the user will need to interact with.
  • Snapshots of the “next screen” users will get once they use the command keys.
  • The full breadth of features available inside the app!
  • Snapshots of the “support” or “contact us” buttons.



When used correctly, video adds a “live” element to your app that encourages engagement. Of course, these are just the rules to follow when it comes to the intro video. If you’re creating deeper content within the app that is part of the mobile app’s benefit, you can use your editorial discretion to design those videos any way that you see fit.



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