An App That Helps Manage Chronic Health Conditions

Sharon Muniz
September 24, 2021
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An App That Helps Manage Chronic Health Conditions

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Article Reference: BBC

Digital healthcare online and as an app have become increasingly more and more popular as a result of the pandemic. Many people have turned to online help such as Teledoc, appointment Zoom calls and various healthcare apps to help keep track of their health. In Sweden there was an app developed, Joint Academy, that had a main goal of improving online treatment for osteoarthritis. 

“The company says it offers an alternative to waiting in line for face-to-face physiotherapy, and solves the problem of patients being steered towards “high risk” and “expensive” operations, without the chance to try simpler treatments first.” BBC

Joint Academy gives you a personal licensed therapist that creates an individual treatment program to help alleviate pain. This is all given to complete from the comfort of your own home. This mobile application also allows users to set goals and track progress while completing treatment programs. 

“Almost 50,000 people have used Joint Academy since April last year, the company says, compared to 15,000 during its first six years in business. It is now the most common first-line treatment of chronic joint pain in Sweden.” BBC 

Although their numbers have been growing in the past year, there are many concerns that there is not enough research on defining proper care through a mobile application versus having to send someone to an in-person doctor. There have also been concerns about “aggressive marketing” tactics from private companies behind digital health applications. 

Joint Academy has many good reviews, and has over time built up enough data to show that their mobile app programs do seem to work and have been successful in giving users relief. “Recent research by the University of Nottingham found that patients using the app saw their pain levels reduced by 41% after six weeks, whereas the figure for those receiving traditional care was just 6%.” BBC

Despite the fact that there are over 10,000 mobile apps on the market today (62% of which were downloaded for free), only one percent actually contribute to patient care, while the other 99% have little, if any impact on healthcare. However, with a projected increase in prevalence of chronic diseases, mobile health becomes more relevant to society. This is due to the fact that technology integration with healthcare can lessen the gap between “the doctor and the patient”. As a result, this could drastically change the way healthcare is delivered and accessed across populations. 

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