Reddit Has Now Introduced Video: Video is the Future of Social Media

Sharon Muniz
August 14, 2021
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Reddit Has Now Introduced Video: Video is the Future of Social Media


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Article Reference: The Verge


Video is becoming more popular amongst various social media platforms. The most popular platform featuring video feeds is TikTok. Instagram and Facebook have both created more video available features as well as video algorithms to show people videos they might be interested in based on their recent searches. Reddit now has begun to introduce a video feature to the platform. This video button option can be found on your Reddit app next to the search bar. TechCrunch writes that the video feed, which pulls content from subreddits you follow along with some you don’t, started rolling out to iOS users on Friday.” 

This video feed featured on Reddit is very similar to the one on Tiktok in the way that it shows a vertical feed that the user can scroll through to see each video. It features content found from all over Reddit’s platform. Interactions on the videos are also available such as liking and commenting as well as voting up and down and using Reddit’s “awarding” feature.

Reddit has not commented on how they are conducting or creating video algorithms yet. As this new feature continues to roll out I am sure it will become more clear of why and what videos are being shown to specific users based on their history on the app. 

Like other social media platforms, it seems likely that Reddit will continue to build out their video features and the tools that they use for video. Video is becoming increasingly popular with not only the younger generation but all users covering all generations on social media platforms. Video may be the next thing needed across any app or website ready to launch or to be created.


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