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A Guide To Effective Mobile App Advertising

  If you’re reading this article, then maybe you’ve recently gotten your first mobile app and want to get it noticed by people. Or perhaps you just want to find out whether mobile ads are worth the money. This guide isn’t going to give you any magic tips; no “click…

Sharon Muniz

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Grammarly’s Voice Detection Arrives on iOS and Android!

What’s New In Technology This Week Article Reference: Verbal communication can be very difficult sometimes through our mobile devices, but it is something we all do everyday. Grammarly made a voice detection feature back in 2019, that will now be available for mobile iOS and Android devices as well….

Sharon Muniz

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Speech Recognition on the Web

  What’s New in Technology this week! Article Reference: We all love handsfree communication don’t we? Makes life more convenient, and well it is just innovative! Well stay tuned because Apple’s latest Safari update will include speech recognition similar to what Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge have now! Speech…

Sharon Muniz

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