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Have you created a Frankenstein Application for your business?

Have you created a lot of different applications that don’t work together for your business?  Do you have a love/hate relationship with your Franken App because you created it, hence you love it but you hate it because you know this monster is destroying your business?  We get it.  We…

Sharon Muniz

June 27, 2022

Application Development business app

Why You Should Beta Test?

It is not uncommon for beta testing to get ignored or neglected in the enterprise application development cycle. However, it’s a crucial phase that has a great value and can determine the success of your mobile or web app. Also known as user acceptance testing (UAT) or customer acceptance testing,…

Sharon Muniz

June 14, 2022

Application Development Beta Testing Web Development

Why Is Quality Assurance Important?

Quality assurance is an integral part of enterprise application development. Without it, chances are your mobile app or web application might not work effectively due to flaws in the product design or code that stem from human error. Bugs or glitches can compromise a software or app quality, resulting in…

Sharon Muniz

June 7, 2022

Application Development Web Development

Why Is a Requirement Document Very Important?

If you want to build a product that meets both the apparent and not-so-apparent needs and wants of your targeted audience, you need to have a requirement document. This document helps to clarify your product’s features, limitations, and capabilities before development. It also defines your targeted customers and how they…

Sharon Muniz

June 1, 2022

Application Development Web Development

Why do Software Development Projects Fail?

Why do Software Development projects fail?   When I started NCN Technology we knew that there was a need for high-quality software development services. What we did not realize was how many software development projects fail. Did you know that between 70% to 90% percent of software development projects fail?! Why do…

Sharon Muniz

May 16, 2022

Application Development Build your website customer experience

What is a Product Owner and What Do They Do?

There are four key elements that determine the success of web or mobile development: expertise, communication, developers, and an in-depth understanding of responsibilities. Within this process, a product owner is at the center. Here, we will determine who is a product owner and what are the roles and responsibilities they…

Sharon Muniz

May 10, 2022

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Seven Facts about Microsoft SharePoint?

Seven Facts about Microsoft SharePoint? SharePoint is a very customizable platform, and how it is utilized varies greatly amongst organizations. This flexibility is beneficial to users, but it may be perplexing to newbies and those contemplating SharePoint adoption. We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions regarding SharePoint and its…

Sharon Muniz

April 4, 2022

What is Website Maintenance? [Beginner’s Guide]

What is Website Maintenance? [Beginner’s Guide] You have a website and you want to keep it up-to-date. That’s a website maintenance plan. The basics of a website maintenance plan can be sorted out into parts: Back-up files, database, all website files (not directly accessible) Monitor website uptime (if the website…

Sharon Muniz

January 6, 2022

What Microsoft SharePoint Does for Organizations

What Microsoft SharePoint Does for Organizations What Microsoft SharePoint does for your organization depends on how you are using the application. Microsoft Sharepoint is a document management platform that offers users both management and other end-users access to documents and important content on a site that can be securely accessed….

Sharon Muniz

December 15, 2021