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What Is a Headless CMS?

  The simplest way to look at a headless CMS is to decouple the front end and back end of your website to provide more control and flexibility regarding how your content is displayed. You can separate the presentation layer from the body to control how content is structured for…

Sharon Muniz

July 19, 2021

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What Does CMS Platform Mean?

  If you’re looking to expand your digital collateral, there’s no doubt that you’re feeling a little bewildered over how to manage things. This is where a good CMS Platform comes in. What does CMS stand for? Your CMS Platform is your website’s content management system that essentially controls your…

Sharon Muniz

July 12, 2021

Sharepoint Organization

    SharePoint organization is an excellent, enterprise-changing tool. It’s also daunting. Yes, it’s okay to admit that taking advantage of all of the fantastic tools nested within SharePoint requires you to actually know how to organize your SharePoint experience. Take a look at some simple “best practices” to help…

Sharon Muniz

July 8, 2021

Welcome to the Summer of SharePoint: Here’s What’s Hot With SharePoint Right Now

  Is anyone else starting to get the impression that this is going to be the summer of SharePoint? Amid a sea of new “connective” platforms and technologies for organizations, SharePoint is emerging as the go-to option for organizations looking for a tried-and-true option with the best features. In honor…

Sharon Muniz

June 28, 2021

Do You Need to Pay Someone for a Complete Website Overhaul?

  What happens if you love your “imperfect” website? What this means is that you’re generally pretty happy with the look and functionality of your site. However, you know its lacking lots of the newer features and integrations that would drive better search results, a better user experience and more…

Sharon Muniz

June 22, 2021

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The Question to Ask Before You Sign a Web-Support Contract

What most companies won’t tell you when you sign up for web-support services is that they are reactive. That’s a big distinction to pay attention to if you use your site to drive business and grow brand awareness. These companies make a big deal about being there to fix errors…

Sharon Muniz

June 16, 2021

Understanding Your App From a Monetary Perspective

  The goal of an app is always to grow revenue. However, you may be questioning if you should be expecting to pull revenue directly from your app. There are two ways to look at monetizing your app. The first is to directly make money from users on your app….

Sharon Muniz

May 12, 2021

Before Launching an App: Tips for Topping Your Competitors

    If you’ve decided that an app is what’s going to help bridge the gap between goals and performance, it’s time to get serious about what your app is going to look like once it’s brought to life. Good app design is intentional. However, it won’t look the same…

Sharon Muniz

April 26, 2021

Building for Your Audience: What Makes People Love Apps?

    Millions of apps are used by various audiences every single day. An app can quickly become a part of a person’s routine if that app provides value. What is it that makes certain apps like candy to people? It turns out it’s not an accident. Certain app features…

Sharon Muniz

April 21, 2021

Four Myths About Why Your Business Doesn’t Need a Mobile App

  Many business owners are unwittingly reducing their market slices because they’re letting tech myths hold them back! Do you feel like there’s a gate preventing you from merging how you run your business with the tech resources available for easier growth? One of the big ones is that only…

Sharon Muniz

April 19, 2021