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Microsoft Stream for SharePoint: Enhancing Video Communication

In recent developments, Microsoft has reimagined Microsoft Stream by deeply integrating it with SharePoint, aiming to provide a more cohesive and flexible experience for managing and sharing video content across Microsoft 365. Key Features and Benefits Seamless Integration with SharePoint: Videos are stored in SharePoint libraries, benefiting from SharePoint’s advanced…

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Microsoft is Taking the First Steps in Passwordless Security

  What’s New In Technology Article Reference: BBC   We all know how annoying and hard to keep up with our passwords for all of our apps and devices is. This is exactly why Microsoft is doing away with passwords. “Microsoft has announced users can now delete all passwords from…

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Why Does Your Mobile App Need a Proof of Concept?

  Developing a mobile app is part business, part philosophy and part chaos! The reality is that launching an app that you want to turn into an “empire” is a wild ride. It can go no other way any time you’re attempting to do something great. One of the best ways…

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Do You Need to Pay Someone for a Complete Website Overhaul?

  What happens if you love your “imperfect” website? What this means is that you’re generally pretty happy with the look and functionality of your site. However, you know its lacking lots of the newer features and integrations that would drive better search results, a better user experience and more…

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Google Is Updating Their Algorithms to Discredit Exploitive Websites

  What’s New In Technology Article Reference: The Verge   According to the New York Times Google will be updating their search algorithms to stop sites that display non-factual information about individuals. The Times had found many websites containing “unverified and potentially life threatening content, alongside an industry of other…

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Digital Payments Taking the World by Storm

  What’s New In Technology This Week   Article Reference:   Since the pandemic, the idea of using cash has gone down in popularity. Consumers have completely changed how they make purchases. Marketing experts project that this digital currency trend will continue.  Businesses that had already adopted digital payments…

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Why Your Business Needs an Environmental-Responsibility Statement for 2021

Does your brand have an environmental-responsibility statement? This should be a priority objective for 2021 if you haven’t drafted one yet. Countless studies are showing that people are actively choosing brands that make their sustainability efforts more transparent.he findings of a recent survey regarding customer attitudes toward brands that practice…

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Building Great Products Starts with Self-Awareness

Are you considering building a great digital product? Here are a few things to consider before you get started. Feynman’s First Principle: Avoiding Self-Deception Richard Feynman, a Nobel Laureate physicist, once emphasized the importance of intellectual honesty. He believed the most important rule is to avoid fooling yourself. This is…

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Doing a “Pre-Mortem” on your Big Tech Project Can Allow You to Leverage Your Inner Pessimist Constructively

Pre-mortems. Ever heard of them? Likely not. However, everyone who’s watched a medical drama knows what a postmortem is: A respectful examination a pathologist performs to learn more about a specific individual’s condition after the fact. Everyone learns. Everyone benefits. (Except, perhaps, for the deceased individual.) Let’s flip that concept…

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Launching an E-commerce Business Without Quitting Your Day Job

To launch a successful start-up, you have to quit your job and spend 100% of your time on the new company. Right? As it turns out, not so much. Let’s take a brief stroll through history: Henry Ford worked for Edison while he was starting his company. Steve Wozniak worked at…

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