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Launching an E-commerce Business Without Quitting Your Day Job

To launch a successful start-up, you have to quit your job and spend 100% of your time on the new company. Right? As it turns out, not so much. Let’s take a brief stroll through history: Henry Ford worked for Edison while he was starting his company. Steve Wozniak worked at…

Sharon Muniz

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From Idea to Innovation: Building Digital Products that Thrive

The digital world thrives on innovation. Every day, new apps, software, and online tools emerge, aiming to make our lives easier, more productive, or simply more fun. But what goes into building a successful digital product? This blog post will unveil the key stages of crafting a digital product that…

Sharon Muniz

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How to Organize Products on Your eCommerce Website

The #1 goal of any eCommerce website is to sell products. One of the most crucial factors in getting your products sold lies in creating a positive user experience — and one thing that has a huge impact on developing a positive user experience is how you organize the products…

Sharon Muniz

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Set Up Your eCommerce Site Affiliate Program

Do you want to generate more traffic, leads, customers, and sales for your eCommerce website – without paying advertising or marketing costs upfront? An affiliate program is an answer.  What Is an Affiliate Program for an Ecommerce Website? An affiliate program is a win-win way to market your eCommerce website…

Sharon Muniz

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