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Hispanic Heritage Month And What This Means to Me

  Hola, mis amigos! I was supposed to write this over 15 days ago, so we are halfway through Hispanic heritage month and finally putting pen to paper to write about what being Latina means to me and how beautifully it has impacted my life.  What is ironic about this…

Sharon Muniz

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Grow Your Business Strategically: Chase Antelope, Not Mice

Think about your current projects. Your current clients. Any pending sales. Okay, now that you’ve got that information swirling around in your head, here’s a question: Are they antelope, or are they mice? (Not literally, of course.) Are they big-deal projects, clients, or sales that represent a big win and…

Sharon Muniz

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Doing a “Pre-Mortem” on your Big Tech Project Can Allow You to Leverage Your Inner Pessimist Constructively

Pre-mortems. Ever heard of them? Likely not. However, everyone who’s watched a medical drama knows what a postmortem is: A respectful examination a pathologist performs to learn more about a specific individual’s condition after the fact. Everyone learns. Everyone benefits. (Except, perhaps, for the deceased individual.) Let’s flip that concept…

Sharon Muniz

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Launching an E-commerce Business Without Quitting Your Day Job

To launch a successful start-up, you have to quit your job and spend 100% of your time on the new company. Right? As it turns out, not so much. Let’s take a brief stroll through history: Henry Ford worked for Edison while he was starting his company. Steve Wozniak worked at…

Sharon Muniz

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Blue Ocean Strategy: A Roadmap on How to Be the Good Kind of Different

“Go where the profits are and the competition isn’t.” —W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne Blue Ocean Strategy Want to know how to succeed with your next project? Simple: Stop competing Counterintuitive? Yes! That’s the point. Blue ocean strategy is here to change the way you strategize toward success. Kim…

Sharon Muniz

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