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Google Play Optimizing Ratings and Reviews for Users and Developers

What’s New In Technology Article Reference: Android Developers Blog Reviews on Google Play are important for both users and developers when evaluating an app. Users read the ratings when determining whether or not to download, and developers use the ratings and reviews for improvements and bug fixes for the application….

Sharon Muniz

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NCN Technology Helps Client Encapsulate Life’s Most Defining Moments by Building a Powerful, Dynamic, User-Friendly e-Commerce Platform

Meet Mylestones What if you could truly capture and memorialize the most defining moments in the life of the people who matter most?  Not just a snapshot in time, but every part of the journey. Every twist and turn, each moment of grit and growth, and all the challenges and…

Sharon Muniz

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Find Your New Job Using Tiktok Resume

  What’s New In Technology: Article Reference: Pocket-Lint Tiktok has become the new social media app that everyone is using or at least knows about. Well now you might be able to get a job from the app. “TikTok is testing a way for its users to directly apply to…

Sharon Muniz

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Digital Payments Taking the World by Storm

  What’s New In Technology This Week   Article Reference: https://www.technewsworld.com/story/87105.html   Since the pandemic, the idea of using cash has gone down in popularity. Consumers have completely changed how they make purchases. Marketing experts project that this digital currency trend will continue.  Businesses that had already adopted digital payments…

Sharon Muniz

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Why Your Business Needs an Environmental-Responsibility Statement for 2021

Does your brand have an environmental-responsibility statement? This should be a priority objective for 2021 if you haven’t drafted one yet. Countless studies are showing that people are actively choosing brands that make their sustainability efforts more transparent.he findings of a recent survey regarding customer attitudes toward brands that practice…

Sharon Muniz

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3 Ways to Connect With Your Customers in 2021

This year is going to present fresh opportunities to connect with your clients in new ways. It may be time for a big “switch up” when it comes to some small details that have been hindering your company’s brand-client connection. Let’s look at 3 ways to connect with your customers…

Sharon Muniz

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How to Make Your Time Count (…And How Not To)

When was the last time that you felt guilty about wasting time? Did you notice that – somehow, suddenly – you’d spent an hour scrolling through social media? Did you snooze your alarm a few times too many and then curse yourself for missing an early start to your day…

Sharon Muniz

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How to Leverage What Everyone Has In Common for Your Success

What is most personal, is most general. – Carl Rogers Empathy. It’s often defined as the ability to sense another’s emotions…or to connect with another on a personal level. It can seem like a niche, soft skill. Not one, perhaps, that you need to prioritize in your business. However, sometimes…

Sharon Muniz

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The Power of “Muddling Through” Your Complex Problems

In the middle of the 20th century, a Yale University professor named Charles Lindblom published an article comparing the way that public administrators made decisions to a different – and potentially better – way: incrementalism. According to incrementalism, you should make decisions through a process called successive limited comparison. Translation:…

Sharon Muniz

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Doing a “Pre-Mortem” on your Big Tech Project Can Allow You to Leverage Your Inner Pessimist Constructively

Pre-mortems. Ever heard of them? Likely not. However, everyone who’s watched a medical drama knows what a postmortem is: A respectful examination a pathologist performs to learn more about a specific individual’s condition after the fact. Everyone learns. Everyone benefits. (Except, perhaps, for the deceased individual.) Let’s flip that concept…

Sharon Muniz

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