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The Women of NCN Technology

As we celebrate Women’s History Month, NCN Technology would like to take a moment to honor the amazing women that make up our organization as well as those who have inspired us and made an impact on our lives. Sharon Muniz is the President of NCN Technology and a skilled…

Sharon Muniz

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5 Ways Companies Can Improve Business Operations

Your business technology isn’t really working for you unless it’s improving business operations. Applications that are specific to your business can help you meet your goals. In a world where technology can be tailored to your unique business needs, efficiencies can be gained by adding things such as inspection apps…

Sharon Muniz

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How a CRM System Can Help with Better Targeting

  Having a CRM system can help with better targeting by organizing and tracking information about a company’s customers, including their names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses. As a result of this data being stored in one place, it can be used to segment out groups for targeted marketing…

Sharon Muniz

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Microsoft is Taking the First Steps in Passwordless Security

  What’s New In Technology Article Reference: BBC   We all know how annoying and hard to keep up with our passwords for all of our apps and devices is. This is exactly why Microsoft is doing away with passwords. “Microsoft has announced users can now delete all passwords from…

Sharon Muniz

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Google Play Optimizing Ratings and Reviews for Users and Developers

What’s New In Technology Article Reference: Android Developers Blog Reviews on Google Play are important for both users and developers when evaluating an app. Users read the ratings when determining whether or not to download, and developers use the ratings and reviews for improvements and bug fixes for the application….

Sharon Muniz

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The App Clubhouse Now Open For All Users on Both Android and iOS

  What’s New In Technology: Article Reference: CNN Business   The app Clubhouse that came out and was considered “the hottest new app of the pandemic” is now open for all users. Originally while Clubhouse was still in beta testing it was invite only, and at the time it was…

Sharon Muniz

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Apps as Bridges: Why Mobile App Development Is More Important Than It Was Two Years Ago

There are thousands of different business tools that brands and businesses can use for exposure. However, only one provides a brand with a direct, around-the-clock connection to its customers. Have you really stopped to appreciate the significance of the branded mobile app? While they’re far from new, mobile apps continue…

Sharon Muniz

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From Idea to Innovation: Building Digital Products that Thrive

The digital world thrives on innovation. Every day, new apps, software, and online tools emerge, aiming to make our lives easier, more productive, or simply more fun. But what goes into building a successful digital product? This blog post will unveil the key stages of crafting a digital product that…

Sharon Muniz

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LTPAC Facilities Need Stronger Data Security Measures

LTPAC Facilities Need Stronger Data Security Measures. Last year was a record year for Data Breaches and Healthcare information is now more vulnerable than ever. According to a gemalto report “Healthcare organizations encountered the greatest number of breaches among all other industries in 2017.” Given the forces at play, LTPAC…

Sharon Muniz

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How Will the IoT (Internet of Things) Change Assisted Living?

As each generation advances in knowledge and use of the internet and “smart” devices, our homes are becoming more and more loaded with information to collect. That is no different for those in Assisted Living Facilities. One might be surprised by the increase in level of care supplied by those…

Sharon Muniz

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